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BodyWorksBand® $9.95

The simple, unique product which not only helps experienced exercisers stay fit on the go, but motivates beginning exercisers with a safe, simple strength training exercise routine. No matter what the situation, this fitness tool can travel anywhere and it’s like taking an experienced trainer with you wherever you go! It’s the perfect solution!

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BoneJuvenate DVD  $19.95

The exercise program developed by a team of healthcare professionals to help prevent osteoporosis and treat osteopenia.

This 30 minute program strengthens bones and muscles, including the core muscles of the body; enhances balance and flexibility; and helps correct common postural problems. Certified exercise trainer Estelle Underwood’s precise and clear instruction utilizes breathing to develop awareness and concentration. Concludes with information on the disease and keys to prevention and treatment by Andreas Subadya, MD, osteoporosis expert.

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