Take It with You… Anywhere!

The BodyWorksBand is a simple, unique product which not only helps experienced exercisers stay fit on the go, but motivates beginning exercisers with a safe, simple strength training exercise routine. No matter what the situation, this fitness tool can travel anywhere and it’s like taking an experienced trainer with you wherever you go! It’s the perfect solution!

What is BodyworksBand?

•    Almost weightless resistance band that acts as a “personal trainer”
•    Total body workout—works all the major muscle groups
•    Exercise tool that facilitates weight-bearing exercises, builds strength, improves bone density, and stretches
•    “Traveling gym” that goes with you wherever you go.
•    Easy, simple, effective exercises
•    Exercise tool that acts as your “memory”—helps you always remember a sound, well-rounded workout routine

Who is BodyWorksBand for?

Youth ages 13 and over
•    Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last few years due to technology—computer games, etc.
•    Less physical activity due to technology, budget cuts eliminating physical education programs in schools.
•    Product can be used at home, during breaks from computer, at school, etc.

•    This generation is victim to a fast paced, hectic lifestyle.
•    BodyWorksBand offers a simple, easy, portable workout that can be done anywhere, anytime.
•    BodyWorksBand contributes to this generation’s ability to look younger for longer.

Travelers (pleasure, business, commuters)
•    Easy to transport (lightweight—a few ounces)
•    Too busy to find workout facility
•    Workout can be done anywhere

Why use BodyWorksBand?

•    Inexpensive, “recession proof” Personal Trainer
•    Offers consistency in your exercise program regardless of where you are
•    Built-in memory
•    Safe, effective exercises developed by a certified personal trainer with over 25 years experience
•    Lightweight, easy to carry when traveling
•    Simplicity and ease of use encourages consistent use

Where can BodyWorksBand be used?

•    Hotel room
•    Office
•    On a walk
•    Home
•    At the gym
•    On the go
•    Anywhere

When to use BodyWorksBand?

•    When you’re out of town with or without a workout facility
•    Before work
•    After work
•    During a break at the office
•    When there’s no time to go to the gym
•    When you’re at the gym
•    When time is limited
•    Anytime!